Harvey's Press

14 September 2009
by Robert Sullivan
13 September 2009
The Little Fireboat That Could - How a Very Old Fireboat Found Its Way Back to Work, and Into the History Books
by Rita Braver
24 August 2007
Saving the John J. Harvey
19 November 2006
Historic fireboat's foe: The scrap pile
by Jonathan Lemire
07 August 2003
On Its Last Sea Legs, a Storied Harbor Hero Seeks Help
by Erin Chan
Oyster Bay Enterprise Pilot
09 September 2011
9/11 Fireboat John J. Harvey To Visit 2011 Oyster Festival -- The Fireboat That Fought the Fires at the World Trade Center Comes to Oyster Bay
by D.F. Karppi
Hudson Valley Magazine
09 October 2009
A Hands-on Life on the Hudson - From skyscraper to wheelhouse: one woman's new career as a Hudson River boat pilot
by Valerie Havas
Hudson Valley Magazine
21 March 2007
Race to keep 9/11 fireboat afloat
by Justin Rocket Silverman
The New York Times
11 May 2006
Ships That Pass in the Morn: One Is Huge, the Other Just Scrappy
by Alan Feuer
New York State Canal Corporation
15 August 2005
Canal Corporation Welcomes Historic Fireboat
The Daily Mail
23 August 2004
A pair of historic vessels visited Catskill this week
The Journal News
21 August 2004
Historic fireboat open for tours this weekend
by Dana Robertson
Photos by Stuart Bayer
Gazette Advertiser
19 August 2004
Veteran fireboat splashes into Rhinecliff
by Darrell F. Kuhn
Slater Signals
17 August 2004
John J. Harvey To Visit
Register Star
16 August 2004
NYC fireboat John J. Harvey still strutting her stuff at 73
by Bob Mitchell
The Daily Freeman
14 August 2004
Fireboat that played vital role on 9/11 visits Kingston
by Hallie Arnold
The Journal News
13 August 2004
Harvey Stops in Cold Spring
Photos by Stuart Bayer
Poughkeepsie Journal
13 August 2004
Fireboat points up river's need for docks
by Crystal Quarles
Village of Tivoli
13 August 2004
John J. Harvey to City of Kingston August. 13...
City of Newburgh
9 August 2004
Historic Fireboat John J. Harvey To Visit Newburgh as part of Fourth Annual Blue Links Tour.
New York State
22 June 2004
$30,000 grant to sponsor ... fireboat John J. Harvey
The Journal News
31 May 2004
Fireboat receives grant
by Jennifer Weil
Columbia News Sevice
03 May 2004
Fireboats boost port safety while witnessing history
by Gillian Wee
Governor's Office: Press Release
May 2004
Governor Awards $2.4 Million for NYC Recreation and Preservation
The Journal News
14 May 2004
Clearwater on National Register
by Noreen O'Donnell
The New York Times
22 April 2004
A Queen Glides Into New York
by James Barron
October 2003
Fireplug: Old fireboats are in line to be replaced by ...
by Bruce Buls
The History Channel
08 September 2003
"The Fireboats of 9/11" documentary aired, featuring John J. Harvey's proud history and her amazing contributions to the City of New York.
ABC World News Tonight (TV Transcript)
07 September 2003
Historic Fireboat, September 11th
by Bill Blakemore
The Journal News
24 August 2003
Historic fireboat to tour Hudson
by Khurram Saeed
Poughkeepsie Journal
23 August 2003
Historic fireboat impresses -- Oldest in NYC's fleet sails Hudson
by Rob Seetoo
The Daily Mail
21 August 2003
Fireboat makes return appearance
The Journal News
20 August 2003
Historic fireboat needs $700,000 in repairs
by Khurram Saeed
Dutchess County, NY Online
15 August 2003
Steinhaus Meets the John J. Harvey on the Poughkeepsie Waterfront
Eyewitness News 7
12 August 2003
Saving New York's Historic Fireboat
by Liz Cho
Online Preservation
12 August 2003
Fireboat Needs Help
by Margaret Foster
Associated Press
August 2003
Fireboat Needs Help
Yonkers News
12 August 2003
Historic Fireboat John J. Harvey to Make Annual Blue Links Tour on Hudson River
May 2003
Fireboats Then and Now
by FEMA U.S. Fire Administration
24 October 2002
Blue Links: Piermont
Village Soup
4 September 2002
Virginia L. Thorndike: 9/11 -- A tugboat answers the call
The Journal News
13 August 2002
Historic fireboat visits Rockland
by Khurram Saeed
The New York Times
08 August 2002
On the Waterfront, at Least for Now
by Barbara Stewart
Poughkeepsie Journal
08 August 2002
Historic fireboat drops by Retired vessel aided firefighters at WTC
by Scott Cornell
Poughkeepsie Journal
05 August 2002
Fireboat owners float a bit of history up Hudson
by Scott Cornell
The Journal News
03 August 2002
Historic fireboat to tour Hudson
by John Kryger
Putnam County News
01 August 2002
FDNY Fireboat To Visit Cold Spring Aug. 6
Yonkers News
01 August 2002
Blue Links Hudson River Voyage on the Historic Fireboat John J. Harvey
Kingston, New York
August 2002
Kingston Heats Up In August!
The New York Times
26 July 2002
On a Harbor Cruise, Under a Rainbow
by Fred A. Bernstein
Roosevelt Island

21 July 2002
Fireboat Harvey came to the Island Saturday
Columbia News Sevice
10 June 2002
A fireboat gets a new lease on life
by Sara Clemence
05 May 2002
Governor of NJ and Mayor of NYC Stress Commitment to Waterfront Projects
Stirling Observer
27 February 2002
Station Tour for NY Hero
by Lesley Pollock
Greenwich Time
2 February 2002
Firefighter honored for his long history
by Jackie McStravick
Bloomberg Radio
January, 2002
by Vinny Del Giudice
Professional Mariner
Dec 2001 / Jan 2002
A shining light in our darkest hour
by Richard O. Aichele
Power & Motoryacht
December, 2001
Born-Again Hero
by Roy Attaway
December, 2001
Harbor Heroes
by Jim Gorant
21 November 2001
Rescue by Water
by Amy Eddings
Fire Command
and Control

Nov/Dec 2001
Fireboat Strategies
at WTC
National Register of Historic Places
1 November 2001
Historic Fireboat Aids in New York City Response and Recovery at the World Trade Center
Boat US
November, 2001
Newport This Week
25 October 2001
'The Right Stuff' meets 'This Old Boat'
Online Preservation
19 October 2001
Historic fireboat wins award for its help on Sept. 11
by Margaret Foster
National Trust
for Historic

18 October 2001
Historic New York City Fireboat Wins Special National Award
Friends of Hudson River Park
October 2001
A Message From John Doswell Chair, Friends of Hudson River Park
Anchor Watch
October 2001
Reacting to Horror
Recent Issues of the NYS Presevationist
by George E. Pataki, Governor
Putnam County News
10 October 2001
Historic Fireboat John J Harvey, To Give Cold Spring Salute At Memorial Service For Missing FDNY Firefighter
Eden Prairie News
3 October 2001
EP native helps with effort at 'Ground Zero'
Time Out New York
27 September 2001
The little fireboat that did
by Sharon Seitz
The Village Voice
26 September 2001
How Dangerous Was That Dark Cloud Hanging Over Manhattan?
by Erik Baard
The New York Times
23 September 2001
Old Savior of the Waterfront Is Pressed Back Into Service
by Andrew C. Revkin
The Marine Firefighting Institute
September 2001
Newsletter #9
by Tom Guldner
Landmark West!
18 September 2001
To all of our friends
by Kate Wood
17 September 2001
Retired Fireboat Harvey Helps With World Trade Center Disaster
by Huntley Gill
American Maritime Officer
17 September 2001
AMO Member Rick Araiza Assists In New York's Emergency Response
The Troy Record
21 August 2001
John J. Harvey provides water show
by Mike McMahon
The Troy Record
20 August 2001
Old ship visits Capital District
by Jeff Buell
Times Union
19 August 2001
On Voyage to Preserve Historic Vessels
by Claire Hughes, Staff writer
Register Star
19 August 2001
On Voyage to Preserve Historic Vessels
by Sean Springer
Slater Signals
August 2001
U.S.S. Slater Newsletter
by Timothy C. Rizzuto, Ship's Superintendent
Poughkeepsie Journal
18 August 2001
Historic fireboat visits city
by Beatriz Rivera-Barnes
Poughkeepsie Journal
16 August 2001
Historic fireboat to stop in city
by Robin Sue Roger
The New York Times
15 June 2001
Family Fare: A Whirling Wonderland
by Laurel Graeber
Boating On The Hudson
March 2001
"Public Access To and From the Water"
by Jim Crowley
The New York Times
28 February 1999
Old Fireboat's Buyers Look to Turn Rust Into a Magnet
by Colin Moynihan